Jaden Smith has been an outspoken advocate for the environment for a long time now. He uses his eco-friendly water company, Just Water, to help the environment by making a product that is 100% responsibly sourced spring water, uses paper cartons and uses caps made of sugarcane. He took yet another step towards spreading environmental awareness yesterday when he joined an estimated 250,000 people in New York City who marched from Foley Square to Battery Park as apart of the global strike for climate justice. 

He, along with his sister Willow, surprised the crowd by opening for climate advocate Greta Thunberg on stage. The two Smith siblings were met with roars from the crowd as they performed a handful of their most popular songs like “Icon” and “Summertime In Paris.” “We gotta create an impact, we gotta change people’s minds. We gotta show people that we really care about this. There’s 250,000 of us out here right now. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” he told fans before breaking out into song. 

Credit: HNHH

He transitioned to his song “Summertime in Paris” by pointing out how hot the summers have been in recent years, “These are the hottest summers ever recorded in human history and we have to know that and we have to understand our environmental impact on this earth and really make a difference.” The Climate Action Summit will take place on September 23rd.