Jacksonville Jaguar fans, and their staff, were expecting to have an amazing season. After nearly making the Superbowl last year, the Jaguars have lost four of their last five games this season. They now sit at 3-4, and tensions are rising amongst the players. The Jaguars had an important division matchup on Sunday against the Houston Texans, but they lost the game. Houston's defense forced Black Bortles to fumble twice, which prompted the coaches to bench him for Cody Kessler. Still, the Jaguars were only able to get seven points on the board. Their offensive woes have been non-stop in this past month, and Defensive End Yannick Ngakoue has had enough. 

Ngakoue was seen yelling at coaches during the game, and he took his animosity to the locker room as well. Jaguars beat writer for The Athletic Daniel Popper reported that upon approaching the Jags locker room, the doors were shut. "Calais Campbell was holding back Yannick Ngakoue, who threw off Campbell. Lots of yelling coming from the room," he tweeted. Several other journalists on the scene corroborated his story. "We were just told we could go into the Jaguars locker room," tweeted NFL Network's James Palmer. "Then as the doors opened and we waited, we could see and hear clearing a very heated agreement going on with players in the locker room."