I haven't had the pleasure of writing about Ja Rule since the wonderful Fyre Festival fiasco, which may have been unpleasant for the people unlucky enough to attend, but made for some phenomenal entertainment for everyone else. And while Ja does have some great music in his discography, the former Murda Inc rapper has become somewhat of an easy target these days. It's kind of sad really, as his run from Venni Vetti Vecci to Pain Is Love was actually nice. Still, his contributions to 2017 have largely been associated with the Fyre Festival, and while the bulk of the blame seemed to fall on Billy McFarland, Ja's name was doomed to go down with the ship.

Now, Ja has resurfaced, hellbent on a singular goal - finding the ever-elusive Banksy. The rapper recently put out a tweet inquiring about Banksy's whereabouts, writing :

It's unclear whether or not Ja is aware that Banky's identity has been a long kept secret, but still, the effort is valiant nonetheless. Unfortunately for Jeffery, the merciless denizens of Twitter were quick to clown on him, firing off their own scathing responses. 

It's hard not think about the classic Dave Chappelle "Where's Ja Rule?" clip whenever something like this pops up, but honestly, don't you kind of feeling like rooting for him? And to be fair, somebody has to figure out Banksy's true identity eventually, so why can't it be Ja Rule? His identity was previously suspected as being Robert Del Naja from the excellent trip hop band Massive Attack, which was apparently disproved...Or was it? Perhaps Ja Rule is Banksy, and this whole thing is all an elaborate ruse. Either way, if you do end up hearing from Banksy, be sure to hit up Ja Rule.