Once, J. Cole and 21 Savage may have been considered unlikely collaborators. Yet in the wake of I Am > I Was intro "A Lot," it seems as if the pair were always destined to link up. Many have already come to favor the soulful and reflective single, which Cole himself injected with a little bit of development.

"Yeah, I just came from the A," says Cole, prior to beginning his verse. "I drove back home, six-hour drive, six-and-a-half. Before I left I stopped by to see my n***a 21 in the studio. He had two of his kids with him right in the studio, that's when I knew. You a stand up n***a, I love seein' shit like that."

The praise is on-brand for rap's "benevolent king." Cole has long played a mentorship role, and his interactions with 21 are no different. Now, with 21 facing a potentially life-altering immigration case, Cole has taken to Twitter to chime in with his thoughts. Though many have already weighed in, Cole's words arrive with a certain sense of gravitas. "Praying for 21 savage let that man be with and provide for his kids," says Cole, simple yet effective. Respect goes out to J. Cole for playing the much-needed "voice of reason" role, and we can only hope that 21 finds reunited with his family before long.