Isaiah Thomas and Rajon Rondo were both ejected in the first quarter of last night's game between the Los Angeles Lakers and New Orleans Pelicans following a brief exchange of words that resulted in double-technicals for both players.

It was the first time the two point guards had been on the same court since Rondo's comments about Thomas not being deserving of a tribute video upon his return to Boston.

Back in January, when Thomas was still a member of the Cavs and the Celtics were considering showing a tribute video in his honor, Rondo said to reporters, "What has he done?"

"This is the Boston Celtics," Rondo said. "This isn't the Phoenix Suns. No disrespect to any other organization, but you don't hang conference titles. Do we hang going to the conference finals? What do we hang here?"

After last night's early ejection, Isaiah Thomas said the tribute video was once again the topic of conversation on the court and he could tell Rondo "had his agenda written down" from the moment he checked into the game.


"Whatever reason, he's an upset guy about me," Thomas said after Wednesday's game. "I don't know what it is, but it's fine. He kept bringing the tribute up, when I was the one that shut the tribute down. I'm far past that. ... For me to be ejected was uncalled for."

"I mean, my team beat his team in the playoffs last year," Thomas said, referring to the Celtics beating the Chicago Bulls 4-2 in the first round last postseason. "Maybe that is what's wrong. I don't know. There's nothing. Nothing should've made that escalate like it did. He already had his agenda written down right when I checked into the game. It was obvious. He picked me up full court, trying to be physical."

Thomas added that it was wrong for him to be ejected when Rondo was clearly the aggressor in the situation. Rondo, who was in attendance for Pierce's jersey retirement ceremony last week, did not speak with the media after last night's game. Speaking of the actual game, the Pelicans won 139-117.