With the recent release of I'm Him, the much-anticipated followup to 2016's Islah, Kevin Gates is committed to showing the world that he's leveling up in more ways than one. In line with the lyrics from his summer 2019 single, "Push It" (See, sometimes people think they can be you/Better than you could be you/Every time they tear you down, I'ma build you the f--- back up) the new-and-improved Kevin Gates is down with showing his fanbase the allure of becoming a better version of yourself. Having weathered the storms of multiple court cases while also shedding some pounds and recommitting himself to his family and his faith, Gates is now a preacher of the self-discipline that enabled him to better both his mind and his body. 

In a recent interview with Men's Health, Gates further explained the motivation behind his newfound love for fitness and the power he gained from improving his physique. "I wanted more for myself,” Gates explains. “I got tired of being a fat guy. I got tired of every time somebody took they’re shirt off, I was making excuses for why I didn’t think it was cool to take your shirt off. I think it’s fly.”

Now showing off his built, cut bod on social media in a way that he never has before, Gates is clearly proud of all of the hard work he put in pumping iron. For Gates' best uploads flexing his newfound ripped physique, check out the Instagram gallery below. 

Gym And Fridge 

Gates is here to remind you that what you put in your body is just as important as the hours you put in at the gym. 


Push It 

In this teaser for the "Push It" visual, Gates shows just how important physical strength is when it comes to conquering your demons. 


In The City 

Now, Gates is more than happy to take his shirt off for the 'Gram. 


Take A Hike 

Hike through the mountains? Check. Shirt off? Check. 



While posing for this upload, Gates' shirt struggles to not rip under the strain of his flexed bicep. 


Late To The Game 

In the comment section of this upload, Gates' female followers get thirsty while exclaiming how late they were in realizing that the Louisiana rapper is actually fine AF. 


On Stage 

Clearly, the "2 Phones" rapper is just as willing to drop his shorts as he is to take off his shirt. 



"Magical," writes Gates alongside a video clip of himself putting in work in the studio. 


World Traveler 

"Well damn!" writes Gates alongside a few snaps of his travels to the Amsterdam, clearly feelin' himself. 



Suited up for a day out with his wife Dreka, Gates flexes his tailored fit.