As we get closer to the highly anticipated release of the PlayStation 5, more and more leaked images are surfacing. Now, the latest supposed photo of the Playstation 5 gives us a look at the system's devkit.

It looks clunky and very odd, but it's important to remember that devkits often can look drastically different from commercial models. For reference, take a look at the devkit for the PlayStation 4:

Tom Warren of The Verge seems to have confirmed that these images are legit, writing on Twitter: "Yes, this is the PlayStation 5 devkit. The reason it's large and v-shaped is to make them more easily stackable for devs who are running multiple stress tests. The cooling is optimized to push air out of the sides and center."

The PlayStation 5 is expected to release during the holiday season of 2020. Stay tuned for any updates on the system.

In Xbox news, there might be multiple versions of Microsoft's next-gen system, Project Scarlett. Kotaku is reporting that a less expensive, disc-less alternative to the primary system is in development. For more information on that, click here. Also, Tom Warren commented on the lack of Scarlett devkits, saying "Hardly anyone has them, and they’re nowhere near final. That’s why you’re hearing a lot of nonsense about them not being powerful etc. Microsoft wants to surprise Sony this time."