Idris Elba has a lot under his belt: Stringer Bell, Luther, the title of "Sexiest Man Alive" and an inevitable turn as James Bond, which even he has alluded to. Today he's added another accomplishment. For those who don't know although Elba is an actor, director, stunt plane flyer and record holder of the fastet "flying mile," and also a DJ who has played some of the biggest events in the world, which will now include Coachella. In the past he's DJed at the royal wedding (really, he told the Guardian: "I try not to talk too much about it, because it was a private day, but it remains one of the highlights of my life, for sure") and at after-parties for movies he's been involved in:

Zacharie Scheurer/Getty Images

For some reason, he's still worried about ageing: “yeah, there comes a time when you get to 40, 45, where you’re like, ‘Oh shit, I’m losing my youth, I’m facing 50. You’re on this cusp and it’s not like you can make new experiences so much, because you’ve probably covered it all. So part of this journey of digging deeper into my fears is the idea that I’m getting older. I’m probably annoying to people going, ‘Fucking hell, he never sits still.’ But we all die, we’ve got plenty of time to sit still.”