IDK & Maxo Kream: Where "Moral" Meets Spice Life

IDK -  Moral Feat. Maxo Kream

  October 24, 2018 13:49
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The moral of the story according to IDK & Maxo Kream.

IDK sans the Jay is working with new schematics. The moral of the story: the new awakening is a gamble worth taking. On "Moral" IDK recruits the criminally underrated Maxo Kream, who often gets lost in the conversation of narco-linguists by virtue of where he's from, and the company he keeps. To some extent, IDK can be grouped into that conversation as well, if the stage name doesn't imply a crude existentialist mentality, on its own.

IDK is purposeful and slightly offbeat as he marches towards a confident refrain he shares with Kream, displaying a level of unison uncommon to Today's rappers living under time constraints, day-in-day-out. While Punken might be too safe an inclusion in a year-end list of the best albums, it stills ranks among the best of the rest. IDK on the other hand, may be in the midst of a sabbatical, but don't count him out for a strong 2019, if "Moral" is any indication.

Quotable Lyrics:

Cop me a sprinter gripping on wood grain
Neck and wrist from Jimmy but my grill Johnny Deng 
We caught an opp n***a lacking on Highway 6
He ain’t see us creeping up he chilling with his bitch
Walked a n***a down hit his ass with the stick|
The moral of the story Trigga Maxo with the shits.

-Maxo Kream 

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