If you poll any west coast rapper worth their salt, there's a strong chance that Ice Cube will be named as one of the top 5 GOAT contenders. Possible bias aside, Cube's epic discography speaks for itself, boasting a slew of classic albums on both the solo and N.W.A front. For those who don't know, Cube was the chief lyricist in the legendary crew, easily cementing himself as one of the crucial pieces to the quintet.

Ice Cube NWA

Michel Linssen/Redferns/Getty Images

Unfortunately, a bitter conflict with manager Jerry Heller and growing inner conflict ultimately led Cube to part ways with his friends and collaborators, though it ultimately ended up launching an incredible solo run in the process. Still, it's hard to imagine the decision to walk away was an easy one for Cube, and today the rapper took to Instagram to reflect on those early days.

"After our summer tour in 1989, I left NWA to go solo," writes Cube, alongside a powerful image of himself standing over N.W.A's gravestone. "Jerry stopped Dre from working on my solo record so I went to NYC for production. Sam Severe stood me up at Def Jam. But then I saw Chuck D walking down the hallway." Alas, we never had a chance to hear an Ice Cube album with Dr. Dre production -- though given what we got instead, it's hard to feel too much regret there. 

Check out the picture below, and sound off - do you feel Ice Cube gets the credit he deserves in the game?