The newest signee to MMG, Rockie Fresh, surprised most folks when Rick Rossannounced him as the latest member on his label.  HNHH recently caught up with the Chicago rapper who has maintained his humble roots, and stresses the importance of family and respect.  Even though he’s part of one of the biggest groups in the rap game, Rockie has not changed a bit, and spoke to us about what he does to relax, important lessons learned from Rozay, and an embarrassing moment at a club while coming up.  Through it all, Rockie Fresh still says “it’s all a blessing”. 

Reminiscing on his hometown of Chicago, the MMG rookie keeps it simple when visiting back home, and when talking about what he likes best about the Windy City he says “the food, the people, my family family and that food...I always eat Harold’s Chicken.”   Recreationally, Rockie just likes to relax and is similar to a lot of teenagers saying his pastimes include “playing [NBA]2K, watching movies, and smoking weed.”

Just sitting down with the rising artist you can tell that fame has not affected him one bit.  When talking about important lessons learned from Rick Ross, Rockie says The Boss holds people of all standings in high regard.  The Chicago native stresses this to his fans, “No matter how much money you get, no matter how flashy you choose to live, you can still be relatable and good to people.”   These values were further instilled in him by Rozay, “I seen Ross in some of his realist settings, around some of his normal people, and he treats them like Kings and Queens .”

Part of his modest attitude is from dealing with the ups and downs as an unknown artist.  Rockie tells an embarrassing story how he was performing at a club who cut his twenty minute set short because they thought he was scheduled for ten.  “They cut me off in the middle of my set, it was pretty embarrassing cause I thought it was my DJ,” Rockie admits, “I just kinda froze up, I was nervous.”

In closing, the newly minted MMG talent says the reason he stays so chill and humble is the experiences he had in his past, “I seen it all, I know how it feel to be rejected, I know how it feel to be’s all a blessing for me.” 

Rockie’s humble attitude is something new and “fresh” for fans who have become accustomed to rappers overwhelmed by the lifestyle.  Although he’s modest and from humble beginnings, expect huge things for this rising talent.