The talented roster on G.O.O.D. Music runs deep, and hit-maker producer Hit-Boy dropped a couple monsters on the compilation Cruel Summer LP including "Cold (Theraflu)" and "Clique", but says some verses he recorded did not make the cut. 

Known mostly as a producer, Hit-Boy is trying to follow in the steps of Kanye, and after making a name for himself as a producer is trying his hand at rhyming.  This summer he dropped his mixtape Hit-Story, but because of the abundance of talented emcees on G.O.O.D., he was not featured lyrically on the album. 

In an interview with MTV, the producer/rapper says, "I actually did a couple verses, but there was so much going on and so many different artists trying to get in there and do theirs that none ended up making this project, but I'm still in hopes that one day I'll rap on a song with Kanye West.”

Similar to how ‘Ye made talent like Big Sean, make it themselves before receiving help from him, Hit-Boy realizes this is a process, “This is just all a learning experience. I'm still growing and learning about myself as a rapper, as well, so I was getting certain pointers while I was in the studio working with Kanye.”  He is not deterred and feels that he can grow as a rapper, off what he has learned from the process “the stuff that he's told me, I'm applying it to what I'm doing now. And I know that my next stuff is going to be way better than everything you guys have heard so far."

Could we possibly see Hit-Boy featured as more than just a producer when Cruel Winter drops?