Hannibal Buress' Young Thug Impersonation Is On Point

Danny Schwartz
May 02, 2015 21:40

Hannibal Burress' Young Thug impersonation is on point.

In a recent interview with The Stashed, somewhere between reflecting on his short career as an SNL writer and riffing on the perils of balding in black culture, Hannibal Buress managed to squeeze in his Young Thug impersonation.

The impersonation stemmed from a question about Buress's song "Gibberish Rap," in which he lampoons unintelligible rappers. He performed "Gibberish Rap" with Skrillex for YouTube Comedy Week. He told the host he actually wants to collaborate with Young Thug. Skip to the 3:25 mark for the sauce. 

"Young Thug is interesting, he's saying words but he has an energy where you have to give it a third or fourth listen to catch [him]," he said. "'Lifestyle' is a good song to listen to. He has a good energy. He's an entertainer, man."

Hannibal Buress might be the coolest dude in America. Check out his hit single "Gibberish Rap" below. 

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Hannibal Buress' Young Thug Impersonation Is On Point