Sex sells.  This is a fact that is seen throughout society but most prevalent in the rap game.  Yesterday, we reported on Tyga’s XXX film, and today comes details from Gunplay about his soon to be launched, escort service.  

In a recent interview with Future Of Florida, Gunplay talked about a lot of taboo topics including his escort service which is starting up in the new year, and even discussed the “stigma” around cocaine.  When asked about why society is against cocaine use he said, “the people of power, the people of status.  It was their downfall, so society looked at it and frowned upon it, but it’s still here.  It never went nowhere.”

Then Gunplay opened up about his latest business venture, an L.A. based escort service called H.U.S.H. (Have U Seen Her), which he has trademarked.  The Floridian rapper is blatant about how “sex sells”, candidly saying “Pussy been selling before.  That was the first thing that was selling.  It was church and pussy.”

Although he does say he wants to keep it semi-discreet “we have to keep it civilized, so it’ll be HUSH video vixens and so forth.”  Gunplay says the roster of women will be elite, “it’s gonna be those high class girls, man.  It’s gonna be girls that you can’t even believe selling.”

Rappers these days certainly are not bashful about attaching their name to a product.