Gunplay has been off house arrest for a while now, but it sounds like he's gotten used to being confined to his house, and the lack-of-controversy in his life because of it. In a new interview with AHH, the MMG rapper describes life since his house arrest ended, and the rapper says he's learned to stay away from drama.

Gunplay tells AHH that since his house arrest has ended he's continued to stay in his house for the most part. 

"Being on house arrest, it sits you down , it takes you out the loop to see what’s really going on, when you see what’s really going on it be crazy …after everything I see what’s what, and who’s in my corner. All I do now is stay in the crib, play video games smoke a quarter pound of weed. I sit in the crib, watch my bitch cook, I pop mollys, I walk around the crib in my boxers rapping that shit, that Rozay shit, that Box Chevy shit, that Box Chevy. Shout out to the Bath Salt Boss, started with a Box Chevy, I just be chilling," Gunplay said.

Gunplay was on house arrest after he was charged with armed robbery which was caught on tape. The case was recently dismissed.

Watch the interview below.