Gucci Mane has had a strong following for years, but it seems that following his release from prison this week, there more eyes on him than ever before. After many mixtapes of material pre-prison material were rolled out during his three year bid, Gucci delivered his first brand new verse since being locked up in 2013 yesterday, a sequel to his 2009 track "First Day Out," called "First Day Out Tha Feds". Naturally it earned a lot more immediate attention than anything that was released while he was incarcerated, and possibly, more than anything he'd put out before. 

As of press time, the record has earned 1.3 million streams, and hit the million mark within its first 24 hours. Hopefully the hype around Gucci is not short-lived, and he is able to become bigger than he's ever been. 

Listen to his new single here