Skier Devin Stratton managed to ski himself off of an unmarked 150-foot cliff last week in the backcountry of the Wasatch Range in Utah, and the GoPro camera that was strapped to his helmet captured all of the frightening footage.

Stratton, who miraculously escaped this harrowing experience unscathed thanks to the two-feet of fresh power he landed on, told the Washington Post that he rarely wears his GoPro camera but for some reason decided to turn it on for this particular trip down the mountain.

“I’m super glad I did,” he said. “I would never wish for it to happen to anyone, but it’s pretty lucky to have on video.”

“I immediately thought about my cousin who was [left a] quadriplegic from a car accident and thought, ‘I’m gonna be paralyzed,’” Stratton told The Post. “And then when I saw how big the cliff was when I was going over the edge, I thought I was dead for sure.”

“I [prayed] in my head in midair,” Stratton added. “It doesn’t sound like it in the raw footage because I’m cussing. But in my head, I was praying.”

After surviving the 150-foot fall, Stratton says he called up to his friend who was skiing behind him to warn about the unmarked drop-off. The two men then searched for about five hours to find his missing ski that was buried somewhere near the base of the cliff.

“We spent nearly five hours where I landed digging, looking for one of my skis. And every time I looked up at the cliff, I felt sick to my stomach,” he said. “I’m super lucky to be alive, or at least not hurt … Not even a scratch or a bruise.”

Check out the terrifying POV footage below.