Over the last few weeks, the Boston Celtics have looked like a team in disarray, while the Golden State Warriors have continued to show people why they are the best team in the league. Despite the contrast between the two teams, the Celtics were able to pull together a huge victory as they handed the Warriors a 33-point loss with the score sitting at 128-95. The loss was the team's biggest during Steve Kerr's tenure as head coach and now they've lost five of their last eight matches.

"Right from the beginning, just the level of competition wasn't where it needed to be," Kerr explained according to ESPN. "It was 11-to-nothing in about three minutes, four minutes. And it looked to me like we were jogging up the floor. You can't play basketball jogging. You got to sprint. Your cuts have to be hard. You got to be going all out. And we did not go all out. And it was embarrassing."