Gillie Da King is no longer running around in rap circles the way he once was in his heyday with Cash Money. He's smoothly transitioned into a podcast host; one that takes pride in being a voice for the streets. He, alongside his co-host Wallo, linked up with the good folks over at Drink Champs for an in-depth podcast episode discussing everything from Million Dollaz Worth Of Game to Gillie's time with Cash Money.

As NORE and DJ EFN dug deep into Gillie's past, specifically regarding the issues with Birdman and Cash Money, he slowly got deeper into the topic of Gillie's relationship with Lil Wayne. NORE got Gillie talking about his relationship with Wayne, their beef, and dove into the rumors that he ghostwrote for the star of Cash Money.

"Let me just say this, right. I done spoke on that shit so many times that -- if you Google it, Stunna say it. Out his mouth. 'He wrote some things for the company but he didn't get paid what he got paid.' So that was gratifying enough," Gillie said. "At the end of the day, salute to Lil Wayne. Salute to Baby. 'Cause I seen Baby in Miami at King Of Diamonds and, you know, I approached him."

Gillie added that his run-in with Birdman was pleasant, recounting he said it was all love in between them and acknowledged his hustle.

Earlier in the interview, Gillie Da King also recounted how he found out Wayne dissed him on "Problem Solver." Apparently, his phone was going off with people telling him that he got dissed on the track. Ultimately, Gillie said he tried to reach out to Wayne and Birdman but that didn't work. Instead, he went to drop off some diss tracks.

Peep the interview below. Check it out around the 25-minute mark.