Gilbert Arenas has always been one of the funniest players in the history of the NBA as he truly has no filter. Arenas has no problem speaking up and giving his opinion even if it might offend a lot of people. Of course, Arenas was a pretty great scorer during his time in the league although incidents such as the gun in the locker room ultimately dampened some of the hype surrounding his accomplishments.

Regardless, Arenas is now in the podcast game and is always trying to connect with his fans on what he experienced during his time in the NBA. For instance, Arenas recently did a Reddit AMA where he was asked who the toughest person to score on was. Instead of naming a player, Arenas got sarcastic and mentioned the referees, including on in particular.

“[The] referees [were the hardest to score on],” Arenas wrote. “Joey Crawford was the hardest to score on. [T]hat muthaf* had some great defense.”

Referees have been notoriously stingy in the NBA over the years and when you consider Arenas' aggressive style, it's not surprising that he felt like the refs were keeping him from achieving his true potential out on the court.

We're sure there are various other players in the league who feel the exact same way.