Gilbert Arenas is known around the NBA as one of the funniest and most eccentric characters the league has ever seen, especially when it comes to his antics. Arenas is very honest with his fans and isn't ashamed to admit some of the things he has done throughout his career, even if it involved the heartbreak of a fellow teammate.

In a recent interview with SLAM, Arenas was asked about some of his extra-curricular exploits in the NBA and as he explained, some of those exploits involved the women Nick Young was sleeping with. Swaggy P has been known as a bit of a womanizer but as Arenas so eloquently describes, Young used to fall in love with women quickly. To make sure Young didn't fall into any traps, Arenas would have sex with the same women as Young, just to let the young player know that the women in question weren't girlfriend material.

"Anytime he tried to fall in love with a thot I'd have sex with her just to let him know," Arenas said. While this tactic may seem a little bit over the line, it doesn't seem like Young had too many issues with it. After all, his teammate was simply saving him from an unsavory situation.

Needless to say, Arenas used to go above and beyond for his teammates.