Fans of superhero (or supervillain)-inspired hip-hop, rejoice -- You may just get the genre's holy grail next year. Ghostface Killah and DOOM, who've been talking about doing a joint album together for at least three years, will purportedly be releasing the long-delayed DOOMStarks project in 2015. 

Ghostface was asked about the LP in his recent AMA on Reddit, and responded by saying, "its coming out 2015." Of course, he did previously say the project was set for 2013, but given DOOM's mysterious and evasive reputation, it's easy to understand how this all could be out of Tony Starks' hands. After all, he did inform us that his half was done almost a year and a half ago. 

This release will be in addition to the BADBADNOTGOOD album Ghostdini is also dropping next year, as well as a rumored sequel to his and Adrian Younge's 12 Reasons To Die.