The last Geto Boys album dates back to 2005's The Foundation, but the crew is set to reunite, and (attempt to) put their differences aside, for a new project: Habeas Corpus.

However, they need some help. Financially. The group has started a Kickstarter page to help raise funds for the album's creation, which has become an increasingly popular method for the nobodies of the world and celebrities alike to raise money for whatever cause they deem fit. TLC did it for their album, as did De La Soul

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Willie D shed light on their differences and was not shy to speak on his true feelings towards their fellow group members. Willie D says of the group's chemisty, "We fuckin' hate each other, man. It's like, 'Motherfucker, I don't even wanna be onstage with you. Can we put up three stages, man? I'll sing my verse, you sing your verse.'"

He continued, laughing, "The Geto Boys, man, we're that family that can't stand each other but love each other. That's us. Family's family, man: 'I can't stand that motherfucker, I wanna kill him.' Yeah man, but you can't do that do your family."

The group is hoping to raise $100,000 by July 15th to fund Habeas Corpus. Their decision to use a Kickstarter campaign was in order to avoid label executives altogether.

Willie D left Rolling Stone with some final words on the forthcoming album: "We've done some shows in the last year or so, so we know what we're doing. We know what the fans wanna hear. We got it pretty tight."

Are you excited for this? Help the Geto Boys reach their goal here. If you have $10,000 laying around, you can get a custom-designed and painted casket, complete with a custom-embroidered pillow autographed and designed by all three members.