There has been a burst of R. Kelly news today. From his explosive interview with Gayle King, to his girlfriends appearing for their own interview later on this week, there are plenty of headlines running regarding R. Kelly. On top of all of the sexual abuse allegations that the singer is facing, he's also being sued by his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, for skipping out on his child support payments. Robert Kelly arrived at court today for a hearing in that case, having to fight through a crowd of photographers trying to get the best shot of him as he walked into the building with an umbrella and dark black shades. On the other side of things, Gayle King explained what was going through her mind when the singer stood up and passionately spoke during their sit-down.

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Many viewers were fearful of what Kelly would do once he stood up, pacing around and passionately yelling that he's being framed. Some thought that he might harm the interviewer and others believed he was about to walk out. The thoughts running through King's mind though were as professional as they get though. She explained in a CBS segment today that all she wanted at that point was for R. Kelly to stick around so she could ask him more questions. "I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable," says King about the moment he stood up. "I was thinking, ‘Where is he going?’… I was really thinking, ‘I hope he’s not leaving, I have some more questions.’ That’s what I was thinking."

Gayle King has not provided her own opinion on whether she believes Kelly is guilty or innocent, instead leaving it up to the people to decide. Watch her explain the moment below.