Last night Twitter exploded when Gamecalled out a correspondent on FOX News 11 as being racist for her disparaging remarks about his album and cover for Jesus Piece.  The reporter, Michelle Malkin, responded to the Cali rapper, and in turn was flooded with menacing tweets, many of which she chose to retweet to her followers.  Chuck then called for a ban on her and FOX News 11, and some notable rappers like Meek Mill and Nipsey Hussle took up the cause.   Now the Compton native talks about the incident, and why he was so upset, feeling that Malkin attacked his art form. 

Recapping how the feud began, Game says that the reporter is in no place to question his use of Jesus imagery, and feels it is purely artistic expression which cannot be questioned.  “Basically there’s a reporter on FOX News 11, Michelle Malkin who voiced hate for the album cover, and racist remarks for our art form.   What is as simple as art and the album cover,” he further explained, “ The artistic world, we artists, and everything we do is artistic from the music, to the fashion, to the cover, this is how we express ourselves, through our art.  She has no place to make racial remarks, and call our album blasphemous.”

The rapper takes great offense from Malkin because she was one of the media figures who “accused” President Obama of not being born in America, “This is the same woman that said President Obama wasn’t American,” and feels she has a racial agenda.   

Talking about the FOX News boycott, the Jesus Piece rapper says, “I’m gonna do everything I can to try and shut them down man...This chick hatin and doin all these blasphemous and racial remarks.”   Saying the only way he will stop the boycott is if a public apology is made for the remarks about his album, and previous statements made about President Obama, “They need to make a public apology, not only to me and my record label, but they need to make an apology to the President....they gonna hear from me, this is only the beginning man....#BoycottFoxNews11.”

Do you think Michelle Malkin was out of line with her statements?   Chime in below and let us know where you stand on this public feud.