Game continues to show support for Kendrick Lamar, a fellow Cali native whom he says he helped shape and mold.

Kendrick Lamar's debut album good kid, m.A.A.d city, hit shelves last week and was welcomed with open arms by many hip-hop heads. Game showed his support for the good kid by taking to his defense in the wake of Shyne's diss. 

Now, in an interview with Rap-Up, Game comments on K. Dot's success, explains he told Kendrick he should do his name change from K. Dot, and also calls him the "West Coast Nas."

He congratulates Kendrick and is happy to see his hard work pay off. "It’s really dope to see hard work pay off, somebody that I helped shape and mold," Game said. "I remember when I told K-Dot that K-Dot just wasn’t going to work and he should just change his name to Kendrick, and he did that, and next thing you know it’s Aftermath and people are checking and bitches are like, ‘Kendrick, Kendrick.’"

He goes on to compare Kendrick to Nas, "Kendrick is like our West Coast Nas, so to speak—lyrically amazing," he said. He then adds a warning to other rappers-- "I hope no one ever beefs or tries to attack him lyrically. You will definitely lose. His mind is crazy."

Finally, he draws comparisons from his career to Kendrick's.  "His career is real reminiscent of my early start, minus the bandanna. Kendrick is neutral in this. That’s our West Coast Nas and everyone should support that."

Watch the full interview below.