Today's society is all about innovation. For those inclined toward flexing, the money phone has quickly lost luster. It's been a minute since we've seen anybody busting it out on the gram; perhaps Jay-Z's cautionary tale cut deeper than initially suspected. Either way, the more adventurous flexers - think Blac Youngsta and today's subject of analysis, Future - have consistently found creative ways to display their unfathomable fortunes. In Future's case, the man previously brought a million dollars in cash to the studio for inspiration alone.

Now, it would appear he's found yet another use for his assets. In what might actually be the day's most obvious fluff piece, Future has taken to the gram with one thing in mind. Fitness. Rather than opting for the tried and true fitness and dietary combination, Future has devised a makeshift balance beam, with which he can work his core while simultaneously flexing. In short, Future has redefined letting his money work for him. 

"No cap," says Future, with barely contained glee. "I'm planking on two hundred thousand right now." Though he does grab a few additional racks as a counter weight, a quick glimpse at his post-workout snack table reveals the man still has work to do; Sprite and candy bars do not an Adonis make.