It's no secret that NYC's Hot 97 and Power 105 radio stations have been competing with each other for years, but just days after Angie Martinez's abrupt switcharoo from 97 to 105, it seems that the beef is about to get even more heated. After years of Flex and others at Hot 97 making fun of 105's DJ Envy on the air (which often included slanderous remarks), it seems that Envy has finally sent a cease and desist letter over to Flex, and Flex is not happy about it.

Taking to Instagram to air out his feelings about Envy (in posts that have since been deleted), Flex called him "McGruff the Snitch aka lil power ranger" in relation to his recent legal action, and Envy responded with a picture (now also deleted) of the document and a screed about being a "TRUE Dad or HUSBAND." Check out their full exchange in the gallery above.