Freddie Gibbs stopped by The Breakfast Club the other morning, and with hisBaby Face Killa mixtape still doing extremely well, he spoke on what's next for himself. Although an album may not be in his sights at this moment, he's still working and says his focus is just to make the best possible music he can.

During their conversation on air, Gangsta Gibbs discusses the possible Young Jeezy collaborative project, as well as his affiliate's many recent beefs. He also comments on the police officer incident in Gary, Indiana, when he was shooting his music video.

It sounds like the Young Jeezy joint mixtape hasn't been either artist's focus as of late, but Gibbs is hopeful that may change in the new year. "You know, Jeezy got a lot of stuff going on right now, I hope that come to fruition. I been doing my thing, he been doing his, I been outta the country for most of this year 'cause I've been touring. We probably gunna link back up, at the top of the year," he said.

The Jeezy conversation continued, as Gibbs explains why he didn't involve himself in all the recent shots at the Snowman. Freddie said, "I look at it like this, I don't know none of those guys personally, that he had issues with. When I get in something it could go to a whole 'nother level, so I just chose to sit back and let him handle that, and see where he go with that. 'Cause I could jump in something and then it could get super ugly."

Would he be willing to hop on a diss track if Jeezy asked though? Gibbs isn't sure, "It depends, it depend on the issue, I ain't just about to diss somebody just to be dissing 'em. I gotta see the validity of the issue."

Also, surprisingly enough, Gibbs mentions he'd love to be a teacher at some point, saying History would be his subject of choice. "Something along the lines of...that's gunna teach kids History. 'Cause I think Black History is a lost subject in school. And guys like Bun [B] really inspire me to do that."

Lastly, we get a few words about the incident which got Gibbs on the cover of his hometown newspaper, on election day of all days. Gibbs doesn't take the blame though,"That wasn't my fault. I was shooting a video, and a police officer was in the area, and nobody planned this, and nobody told him to come to the shoot or anything of that nature, he just happened to be in the area," he continued, "And his police car got on film, he didn't let nobody do it, he didn't even know about it he was away from the police car. He was just around a bunch of guys that the Gary police consider felons. And they just decided on election day to single me out, and just put that out there, so you know, it is what it is."

Watch the full interview below. Cop Baby Face Killa here.