Former NBA star, and current mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson reportedly beat a man "to a bloody pulp" last night at a charity event at a Sacramento high school. 

The mayor allegedly became enraged when the man, 32-year old Sean Thompson, threw a pie in his face as part of a protest and proceeded to take matters into his own hands. Unfortunately there's no video evidence of said incident right now but judging from the mug shot, KJ beat the brakes off him.

According to the Associated Press, Johnson was speaking at Sacramento Charter High School as part of the Seeds of HOPE dinner when it all went down. 

Urijah Faber, a UFC fighter, was in the building when it all unfolded and gave this account of the events to ABC:

"There was another guy that was being detained who was all dirty, dressed kind of raggedy, and bloodied up at this point who was being held for the cops to come and grab him."

"I asked [Johnson] what happened and apparently the guy had come from behind and just slammed him in the face—sounds like half punch, half pie slamming in the face—and then they got into a scuffle and started rolling around on the ground and looks like that guy got the worst of it."

Thompson was ultimately arrested on a charge of suspicion of assaulting a public official. Johnson later tweeted that we doing OK.