A former outfielder on the Clemson Tigers baseball team has been arrested for running an extensive marijuana and molly operation that generated millions of dollars- $1,768,031 of which was found buried at his family's farm.

This is the kind of stuff you only see in movies.

According to reports, the DEA began investigating 27-year old Bradley Lewis Felder- who played for Clemson in 2012 as well as The Citadel in 2008, 2010 and 2011- back in 2013 for importing and distributing high-grade marijuana and molly in Richland and Lexington counties.

He worked with an accomplice, Everette "Rhett" Carter Berry, who was also charged with conspiracy to possess and intent to distribute a quantity of 3, 4-Methylenedioxyethylcathinone Hydrochloride (commonly known as “molly”) and at least 50 kilograms of marijuana.

"Investigators learned Felder was importing the marijuana from northern California and the molly from an unknown source in China. Felder rented several houses and apartments in the area primarily to receive shipments of molly, the release stated."

"Felder reportedly paid friends, including Berry, in cash or marijuana to accept the packages."

"During the investigation, agents intercepted about nine packages of molly, each containing a kilogram, and about $150,000 in cash from Felder."

When law enforcement arrested Felder at a parking lot near the University of South Carolina's football stadium they seized $1,481.90 in cash, several cell phones, a loaded .45 caliber pistol and two watches valued at $64,000 and $46,356.

In addition, they found pictures on his cellphone which showed stacks of money tightly wrapped up in bundles, stashed in plastic containers. Felder led them to his family's farm where they discovered the motherload- a bag containing $1,768,031.

A judge has yet to sentence Felder and Berry but the maximum penalty is 20 years in prison and/or a $1 million fine.