Conor McGregor got into a bit of trouble a few days ago when he smashed the cell phone of a fan who was trying to get some pictures of him. McGregor was promptly arrested and then released with all of it going down in Miami. Clearly, McGregor isn't a fan of the paparazzi and will do almost anything to get rid of them. While this may be true for McGregor, it surely isn't the case for legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather who takes almost every occasion possible to troll his current and former opponents.

If you remember, Floyd and Conor took part in a boxing super match against each other back in August of 2017, with Mayweather winning the fight in the tenth round. TMZ caught up with Floyd in Beverley Hills yesterday and the boxer was in fine form, wearing a loud yellow hoodie and asking for all the paparazzi to take video of him. Floyd can be heard saying "Shoot me, man! Shoot greatness!"

It's clear that Mayweather was referencing McGregor's recent arrest. The two had bad blood leading up to their fight and ever since Floyd's victory, McGregor has been jonesing for a rematch.

If Conor sees this latest video, his motivation will surely be on the rise.