New York Knicks fans young and old aren't confident in the team's future, and the way Phil Jackson was dangling Kristaps Porzingis as trade bait leading up to the NBA Draft certainly didn't help the cause.

The Knicks ultimately opted against trading Porzingis and then used their 8th overall draft pick on 18-year old French point guard, Frank Ntilikina, instead of guys like Dennis Smith Jr. and Malik Monk, because he's allegedly a better fit for Phil's beloved triangle offense.

TMZ recently caught up with diehard Knicks fan Fat Joe to get his take on the recent happenings with the New York Knicks and to get his thoughts on the Zen Master, who he says "stunk up the place."

Joe tells TMZ,

"I hope I'm alive when we're good, it's just that f**ked up." Joe says. "The whole s**t is messed up."

Check out the footage below.