MMG has been dominating the charts this summer with their compilation album Self Made Vol 2, and Rick Ross’solo effort God Forgives, I Don’t, spending time atop the best sellers, factor in Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers 2 setting the mixtape circuit on fire, and it’s plain to see that MMG is a collective beast in the rap game.  Recently, they strengthened their roster even more by signing young Chi-town talent, Rockie Fresh.  The signing surprised many people, but Rockie was not one of them.  

The 21 year old rapper has a mature confidence beyond his years, and credits his upbringing with laying a strong foundation for him as a man, and as an artist.  In his recent sit down with HNHH, the Maybach Music rookie talked about his Chicago influences which include legends in the rap game, but also his pastor, who taught him how to reach an eclectic crowd with a message. 

When asked about his Chi-town inspiration growing up, he mentions “the legends, the real Chi-town legends.  Kanye, Lupe, Common, Twista.” Rockie then talks about how the religion in his household helped shape him, “I grew up in a Christian household so I wasn’t even allowed to listen to rap till I was like in 8th grade.”

Before immersing himself in hip hop, it was at church that Rockie learned how to reach people.  “[The] pastor was preaching to like 10,000 people at one time, all different people, all different issues, all different walks of life,” he adds how this taught him about speaking to a varying audience, “it really showed me how to put records together, in the sense that they relate to more than one audience.”

He talked about his decision to ink with MMG over Bad Boy, another label that was heavily pursuing him, and although he feels Bad Boy “is gonna be a force in this industry”, he selected Rozay’s crew because “we had more time to grow with each other.”

Although he’s a new signee on a major label, Rockie is not overwhelmed, “I don’t really feel no pressure, I opened on tour for Wale...recently I just opened up on Meek Mill’s tour, his fan base showed me a lot of love as well.”

This MMG young buck cites his critics and naysayers as his greatest motivation, “being doubted and being the underdog is something that I embrace, and I use it to really fuel just how hard I work.”  Motivation seems to be a topic on the forefront of his thoughts, as when talking about his upcoming mixtape Electric Highway, he said “[it’s] gonna be a fun project, but still gonna be those emotional records I’ve given on every other tape.  Thing is, it’s more short-term reflective though.”

Rockie wants his success to inspire others to overcome obstacles and reach their goals, “use it as motivation for other young people to get to their goals, and understand that everything takes some trial and tribulation if you wanna get to the top.”

Along with his mixtape, this hard-working emcee is also setting out on his own Electric Highway Tour.  While the mixtape promises to bring some bangers, Fresh hints to fans at what is to come on his full length LP “I’m gonna get musical with this project, but I’m gonna take the music to a whole other level on the album.”

Whether it’s on a mixtape, on tour, or on an album, look for this mass appeal rapper to continue on his grind and reach people with his message of hard work and perseverance.

Check out Rockie Fresh’s interview with HNHH below.