HNHH wants to shine some light on a young'n on his grind today. For those who don't know Pries, a Denver resident, we will allow this to be your introduction into the rapper/producer/graphic designer/multi-talented being that he is.

Pries got his start in the music industry as a singer-turned-producer, and quickly went from producer-to-rapper. Now he sits atop both positions comfortably, but is still working to get his name out across the world wide web (and streets). We decided to call him up to find out about his start in the rap game, and get some details on his forthcoming mixtape, The Lonely Kid Show

Pries has been going strong in the mixtape arena, steadily dropping one after another, so we wanted to know what Pries hopes to accomplish with his latest effort. Read below to find out more about the man himself and The Lonely Kid Show, which drops November 25th.

HNHH: Can you tell HNHH viewers how you started rapping, or how you got into rapping?

Pries: Well I actually got into music [when] I was very young. I used to dance or whatever, enter into talent shows at a young age. But first, I was actually singer before that, but I ended up loosing my voice when I hit puberty. Couldn't sing no more like that. So I just started producing, produced for a couple years. And I ended up getting signed under DJ Frank E, and while signed, I was like yo, I can actually really do this as an artist, so I just took off from there.

HNHH: So you don't do singing anymore?

Pries: I mean, I sing on my record.

HNHH: Yeah, you do a little bit of melodies?

Pries: Yeah, I write and compose almost everything by myself..

HNHH: That's cool, so what are you currently working on, The Lonely Kid Show?

Pries: The Lonely Kid Show mixtape.

HNHH: And what can you tell us about that, what kind of sound are you creating and what are you hoping to convey with this project?

Pries: What I'm really trying to convey with this project is individuality. I'm just trying to everything that I've always wanted to try. I mean everybody wants to put you in a market, like this is what you can do and this is what you can't do. With The Lonely Kid Show anything that I wanted to try I did, if it was a rock song, I tried, and didn't care what nobody think.

HNHH: And how did those rocks songs turn out?

Pries: The rock song actually turned out very bad, so it won't be on there [Laughs].

HNHH: Ah ok. And you're hoping to release that when?

Pries: November 25th.

HNHH: And who are you working with on that project for producers and beats?

Pries: Production-wise, it's always my production team. Jayce which is part of the Raiders and did a lot of production for [Kid] Ink. That's the main guy that I'm putting out there. Team Green, those are my people.

HNHH: And your name Pries, what's that from or what does that mean?

Pries: Pries is actually my real name. My first name is Le'Priese, which actually means 'to preach,' 'to pray.'

HNHH: That's a cool name. So you just took the end of it...

Pries: Yeah , 'cause everybody call me that.

HNHH: Besides The Lonely Kid Show, what do you want to do after that, where do you want to take your career?

Pries: This is gunna sound corny, but I want to be a force. I wanna be the standard of what albums should sound like, musically. Even though this is someone I look up to, I wanna be bigger than Kanye. I just want my music to be heard.

HNHH: Cool. Well we might wrap it up with that, anything you want to tell the HNHH viewers?

Pries: Check out the “STFU” music video with Ink and follow me on Twitter @IamPries.

HNHH: Cool!