Former NBA player Ben Gordon has had plenty of run-ins with the law since retiring from the league, the most recent being an arrest for felony robbery. According to TMZ Sports, Gordon was arrested at a Los Angeles apartment complex yesterday after a dispute regarding a security deposit that he felt he was owed.

Gordon, 34, reportedly went to the apartment building where he used to live yesterday afternoon seeking a couple thousand dollars. 


"Law enforcement sources tell us ... the 34-year-old went to the apartment complex where he used to live in an effort to get his security deposit back. We're told there was a dispute about the money and Gordon allegedly put hands on the guy and threatened him."

After the dispute, the man reportedly gave Gordon back some of the money, out of fear, but then called the police who arrived a short time later. Right after cops arrived, Gordon returned to demand the rest of his money and was subsequently booked for felony robbery. TMZ reports that Gordon was taken to a nearby police station and later released on $50,000 bail.

Just last month Gordon was reportedly hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation after a confrontation between he and a 31-year old woman, which lasted about two hours as police freed the woman who was trapped inside a locked building with him. Prior to that incident, Gordon was arrested back in June for pulling the fire alarm at his L.A. apartment complex.

The former UCONN Huskies star made $84 million during his 11-year NBA career, which included stops in Chicago, Detroit, Charlotte and Orlando. He hasn’t played in the NBA since 2015. 

Back in February he told The Chicago Tribune that he still hoped to return to the NBA.

“I still watch the NBA closely. And the more I watch it, the more I’m convinced that there’s a spot for me,” he told the Chicago Tribune. “Hopefully with a contender because I still would love to win an NBA championship.”