Former NBA ref Tim Donaghy, who went to prison for betting on NBA games that he officiated, was reportedly arrested in Florida on Tuesday for allegedly threatening a man with a hammer. 

According to TMZ Sports, Donaghy believed his daughter was doing drugs with a friend at a nearby home so he allegedly grabbed a hammer and went to investigate.

While arguing with his daughter outside the home, he was confronted by the father of his daughter's friend and that's when he threatened to use the hammer if the man came any closer. Naturally, that's when police were called.

The ex-NBA ref was arrested for aggravated assault. 

Per TMZ Sports,

"Donaghy's attorney tells TMZ Sports his client did NOT assault anyone -- and didn't threaten anyone -- he only had the hammer for protection. Tim insists he was just trying to be a good dad."

Donaghy received a 15-month sentence for his role in the NBA betting scandal, but only served 11 months before he was released to a halfway house. He later returned to prison after violating federal probation, but officially finished his sentence in November 2009.