Eventbrite, a popular ticketing company, is facing legal issues due to a data breach stemming from its subsidiary Ticketfly being hacked in May. The event described as a "cyber incident" compromised personal information. The lawsuit claims the company failed to provide its users with proper cybersecurity prevention and detection. It also states that Eventbrite mismanaged their response to the virtual threat.

The private information that was jeopardized includes the "names, home and business addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and passwords" of the platform's 27 million users. Shanice Kloss, who is one of the people affected by the hacking, has taken it upon herself to initiate a class action suit on her behalf as well as others. 

The complaint points to Eventbrite's lack of resourcefulness in terms of informing their patrons of the "cyber incident."

"Despite the severity of the Data Breach, Eventbrite failed to responsibly implement a breach of notification protocol. Aside from a passive support page and a single Tweet on social media, Eventbrite failed to take measures to alert" users about the breach.

The class action suit is seeking an unknown amount of financial compensation in damages as well as the  "requirement that Eventbrite provides identity fraud monitoring services for affected customers." Heightened data protection in the future is also being requested.