ESPN has introduced a brand new version of its Apple TV app that will be a must-have for all diehard sports fans, especially during the upcoming football season.

The new ESPN app, which takes full advantage of Apple TV’s multicasting support, allows the viewer to watch four different games on the same screen at once. If you've ever watched the NFL Redzone channel, you're all too familiar with the "Quad box" format.

According to Techcrunch,

"The ESPN app itself offers a variety of different configurations for viewing the multiple streams. You can view all four in a grid pattern, where each square is the same size. Or you can click to make one window go fullscreen, while others jet off to the side. There’s also a 2-up mode, 3-up mode, and picture-in-picture mode."

To access ESPN's Apple TV app, users must first authenticate with their pay TV provider’s information.

Once you've selected the games you want to watch, you can switch up the layout including which audio you're hearing, and move back and forth to full screen and multicasting mode with ease.

The new ESPN app will allow viewers to choose from more than 30 live events streaming across ESPN networks, as well as its digital-only streams.