There really hasn't been a dull moment in 2019 so far. Even the scandals that broke out in 2018 can't really compare to all the madness that's occurred this year. Jussie Smollett took one of the biggest Ls in 2019 once police flipped the script on his hate crime claim. Smollett had the world on his side at first but after evidence against him was presented, many switched sides including the Empire team. He was kicked off of the show for the sixth and final season but the question that everyone wondered is how they'll do it.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Empire showrunner Brett Mahoney told TV Line that Jamal Lyon (Smollett) and Kai will be spending the sixth season enjoying their marriage which means dodging the Lyon family drama, particularly from Lucious, Cookie, and Co. “Jamal is taking a sabbatical from the family,” Mahoney revealed. “He doesn’t want to be caught up in Lyon family drama, which is very much in keeping with his point of view last season — that [the family business] should be something that the family moves away from.”

Mahoney added, “Jamal and Kai have decided to stay in London.”

Lee Daniels, who was siding with Smollett heavily during the whole ordeal, made the announcement that Jussie wouldn't return to the show after police said that the actor staged his whole attack.