There are few things we can really rely on in this world. The sun will rise in the East and set in the West, the grass grows (maybe not for long) and Elizabeth Hurley posts photos on Instagram of herself and her surprising 53-year-old body modelling the bathing suits from her own swimwear line, Elizabeth Hurley Beach.

In her latest post, Hurley is doing her British best to defy age and gravity in a turquoise number that she names for us in the caption: the "Antibes" bikini. The post advertises the Christmas promotion of her brand which has one of those promo codes that you might just enter in on whim, just in case it's real. She also uses the hashtag "takemeback," whether she means to the warm weather of the photo or to some other era we don't know.

Considering Hurley's wish to be taken back in the context of a photoshoot evokes one thing and one thing only, and will likely change the way you look at her Instagram photos. Hurley (a femme-bot in the end) appeared in Austin Powers and is the model in the classic photoshoot scene were Mike Myers practically runs laps around the studio shouting "you're an animal." Just imagine what's going on behind the lens of Hurley's Instagram shots.