Trap is a young man's game. Most of the designer-clad, neon-headed characters who bust onto the scene are still teenagers. Accordingly, social media had a laugh the other day when rap great DMX, now 46, got on Twitter to solicit trap beats. Sure, the belligerent style X is known for might seem to lend itself well to dark, 808-heavy productions, but some feel that there should be an age limit on who gets to enter the trap. If you're one of those people, it's time to meet the new viral sensation whom Charlamagne has dubbed "52 Savage." 

The elderly gentleman actually goes by DJ Swade, and he seems to make his living as a DJ in Dallas, though it's his recent trap freestyles that have led to his viral celebrity. Watch below, and tell us: Is it time for XXL to unveil its first-ever Senior cover? 

He begins with a "Mask Off" freestyle that rivals that of Joey Badass