The son of imprisoned Mexican drug kingpin, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, has reportedly been kidnapped by members of a rival gang while he celebrated at an upscale resort in Puerto Vallarta. 

29-year old Jesus Alfredo Guzman was one of six men kidnapped and authorities believed he is being held by the state’s supreme Jalisco New Generation drug cartel, a rival of the Sinaloa cartel. 

According to the report:

"Seven gunmen in pickup trucks descended on the upscale bar and restaurant around dawn and abducted the group, in what investigators have called a likely settling of scores between rival drug cartels."

"Two SUVs carrying seven gunmen had arrived around 1am at La Leche restaurant on Puerto Vallarta's main boulevard, which runs through the hotel zone lying between the old beach city and the airport."

"He said some of those abducted had been vacationing in Puerto Vallarta for a week and the group that was targeted appeared to be celebrating, according to other people in the restaurant."

El Chapo's son is sort of like the Dan Bilzerian of Mexican cartels, constantly posting pics of his lavish lifestyle which includes plenty of scantily clad women, luxury cars, exotic pets and tons of weapons, like the gold-plated AK47s shown below.

In fact, it was Alfredo who almost led the FBI directly to his father when he tweeted a picture of them at a restaurant in Costa Rica WITH THE LOCATION TURNED ON. As you'd expect, this dude is not first in line to take over the family's business.

El Chapo's other son, Ivan, has taken over the family's multi-billion dollar narcotics ring in his father's absence and will likely resume that role if and when El Chapo is extradited.