Dwyane Wade is currently on his goodbye tour. The NBA star and three-time champion has had an incredible career and after the season, he will be calling it quits. Wade has been receiving standing ovations and jersey swaps wherever he goes and last night, Wade added to the farewell tour with an incredible last-second shot. Down by two points against the Golden State Warriors, Wade was given almost no space to get a shot off but was able to float one up just as time expired. The ball banked in off the backboard which had the Miami crowd roaring with excitement. Meanwhile, Wade celebrated by running around the court, chased down by teammates. It was a special moment that rivals the night Kobe Bryant dropped 60 in his final game.

"It's special for me," Wade said according to ESPN. "Obviously as a team we needed this win bad, but we kept fighting, everybody. I've been in this position so many times, and so many times you don't make the shot. And the one I make is a one-legged flick from my chest, it's crazy. But great to do it in front of the fans. This is a fun moment. I told Steph [Curry] I needed this one on my way out. So y'all get enough, you got enough. I think the one thing cool for me is to be able to do this when you've got younger teammates that heard about some of the things you do, but don't always get an opportunity to see it. So it was cool to be able to do it in front of those guys as well."

With the win, the Heat are only a half-game out of a playoff spot and currently sport a record of 27-33. The team is now ranked 10th in the Eastern Conference.