Dwight Howard has had a rough past few years in the NBA thanks to the fact that he's been bounced around the league from team to team and can't seem to find his footing with anyone. This summer, Howard's career was in limbo and he was struggling to find a team that would take him on for their 2019-2020 campaign. In the end, the Los Angeles Lakers ended up being the team to give Howard a shot. Howard has played with the Lakers before although this time around, things are supposed to be different, especially with LeBron James at the helm.

Head coach Frank Vogel is already starting to devise his role for Howard and in a recent interview, he explained what it will all entail. If you're Howard, you have to be excited about the future.

"He's going to serve a different role. It's going to be more of a role-player type of role, as opposed to being the lead," Vogel explained. "He understands that. He's excited about playing that type of role on this team and what we can accomplish as a group. So, we're excited about what he's going to bring to the table."

With Howard serving as a role player alongside superstars like LeBron and Anthony Davis, there is no denying how strong the Lakers are going to be this season.