It seems like Dua Lipa's rise to fame was swift. Although she is relatively new to the game, the pop star is already comfortable handling criticism. Social media users went in on the singer after a video clip of one of her performances circulated online as a mockery. People were highlighting her apparent lack of dancing ability and had a great time poking fun at the entertainer's awkward choreography. The artist took this online teasing in stride.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

One social media user shared a clip that was edited with a different soundtrack. Dua's moving and shaking were synced up to an old-school, big band tune for laughs. The Twitter user described the clip as "Bob Fosse found shaking."

Rather than responding in anger, attacking the individual or even ignoring the jab, Dua Lipa actually retweeted the joke. She even attached a cheeky caption: "This week on Dance Moms."

Now, this is the type of sense of humor the interwebs can appreciate. Many commenters piped up to that effect. One wrote, "we love a legend that can poke fun at herself." Some of her following is still dismayed, however. One fan commented, "Dua please, drop the choreo, you are so much better when you are not dancing, your voice is enough"