Drake fans in Toronto are no doubt eager to sample the delicacies that will be served at his latest restaurant venture, appropriately titled Pick 6ix. The rapper and good friend, OVO associate Chubbs, have partnered on this business venture, which has gotten off to a rollicking start after hosting a couple of nights of celebrity mingle sessions, the first of which was billed a birthday party for NBA player Dwyane Wade.

Speaking with the Toronto Star, chef and part-owner Antonio Park spoke about Pick 6ix and divulged several secrets about the trendy new Canadian dining destination. For example, it turns out Drake did inspire at least one dish on the menu, but by suggesting an ingredient that few would expect from him.

"I asked him things like what kind of vegetable he likes and he said broccoli," said Park. "So we did a broccoli dish where we blanch it, cover it with Japanese seasonings like nori and miso, some mizuna, top it with cheese and then it’s finished in the oven." Beyond that, Park's goal is to have the restaurant serve up quality items without putting their clientele in the poor house.

"I don’t want to go above $50 per head," he added, when asked how much dinner for two will be going for. "I want it to be affordable, but depending on the clientele, if you order Wagyu you’re not going to pay that but if you eat a salad and a hot dish from the kitchen with some sushi, then you should be able to pay $50 or $60 per person."

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