Diehard Drake fans will happy to note that an auction house called Moments in Time is selling off the rapper's most intimate items. Among those items is Aubrey's personal rhyme book, believed to have been owned by the rapper between 2002 and 2005, when he was but a teenager in his "Jimmy" phase.

Mind you, Moments in Time aren't in the business of giving things away cheaply - the bidding for Drake's teenage rhyme book starts at $32,500, and could rise to God knows what.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

As the story goes, the rhyme book was found in a dumpster close to Drake's grandpa's old furniture factory, where the OVO magnate used to work as a youngster. TMZ has come up golden once again, this time in procuring photo evidence of Drake's signature from inside the booklet, as you can see right here.

A quick scan of Moments in Time's general website tells us the auction house specializes in other intimate objects as well, but nothing that hasn't been authenticated with a signature. They sell celebrity-owned letters, signed photographs, and a few bizarro items that fall under the "miscellaneous" misnomer such as Elvis Presley's gun, the crown medallion Tupac Shakur wore as he was shot in '94, and even Tommie Smith's Gold Medal from the 1968 Olympic Games - see for yourself.