The U.S. has topped the list as the country with the most illegal downloaders, and they are all about that "YOLO" (incase you've been living under a rock: You Only Live Once) life. The now-infamous abbreviation may be traced back to Canadian rapper Drake, whose single which started it all, "The Motto," also topped SPIN's report on illegal file-sharing. There were 96.6 million illegal downloads in the US of A, which is nearly twice the amount of its next three ranking countries (the UK, Italy and Canada).

Drake's "The Motto" was the most illegally downloading song in America, stealing 458,038 downloads during the six-month period it was tracked. More rappers also made the list, with Kanye West and Jay-Z having the most pirated album. Watch the Thronewas downloaded illegally 71,132 times.

Pop star Rihanna has had her music stolen the most though, she was the most illegally downloaded artist over all, beating out her Canadian and U.S. associates. Her last album Talk That Talk was shared 1,228,313 times around the world.