Its safe to say Dennis Graham knows a thing or two about being fly. The man who’s always seen rocking the loudest suit in any room he walks into recently linked up with Hypebeast in Los Angeles to give some dating advice for those who need it, and it’s pretty hilarious.

With Drake’s newest business partners on the table, Virginia Black Whiskey, Dennis opens the brief clip by saying he’s the face of Drake’s latest album More Life, before listing his glass to a cheers.

Talking about dating advice, Drake’s old man says he would wear something nice to his first date, like suit & tie and he would stay away from pick-up lines. When asked about what type of women one should stay away from in general, Dennis replied “big booties” while laughing hilariously at his own response.

Later, Dennis talked about the famous picture of him on Drake’s latest “playlist” More Life, which he says was taken back in 1983 and “was the first year I moved to Toronto.”

Lastly, before closing things out, Dennis was asked about how one acts like a real man, which he replied with “be humble,” similar to Kendrick Lamar’s hit song.

“Be humble. Be true to your woman. Be true to yourself,” Dennis said before adding “that’s a real man.”

The clip is only a 1:34 long, but it’s pretty comedic watch at that and maybe helpful for some. Check out the hilarious clip from Drake’s dad (below).

In other related news, Dennis Graham is coming off the release of a new music video back in July for his own song called “Kind Crazy,” which you can check out for yourself right here.